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Vivienne Robinson advises on the compliance of all types of business practice and commercial agreement with the UK and EU competition rules. Whether you are just setting up an arrangement or have concerns about how one is currently operating, please get in touch for advice on ensuring that you operate within the rules.

Arrangements covered include:

  • All forms of distribution, including exclusive and selective agreements, franchising and agency;
  • All forms of pricing, including problems with loyalty rebates and resale price maintenance;
  • The constraints imposed on dominant companies (including advising on whether a company is dominant in the first place);
  • Joint ventures;
  • Joint bidding;
  • Joint purchasing;
  • Technology licensing;
  • Sub-contracting manufacturing;
  • Standards-setting; and
  • Trade association “best practices.”
If things go wrong, you may become involved in litigation, either as the claimant or the defendant. Vivienne Robinson can work with you and your specialist litigator to assess the strength of the claim, define the affected markets, and prepare pleadings and evidence.
“Vivienne is hugely knowledgeable on competition issues and is adept at advising in terms a client can understand and at coming up with practical advice/solutions, particularly on dealings with regulators. She is also unfailingly reliable and a joy to work with.
Highly recommended.”
Partner, London Law Firm

“We have worked successfully with Vivienne on a number of matters and greatly appreciate the support that she provides. She knows her subject and we have always found her advice to be prompt, practical and to the point.”
Legal Director, National Retailer